Perfect Intco Group Annual Meeting Was Successfully Held

On January 30, 2016, Intco Group held a grand perfect British Branch Group annual meeting in Zibo Shandong.

This is an inspiring and exciting meeting. From the report of the chairman Frank Liu and all the leaders, so that we know that in 2015, our company performs well, getting better economic returns. Award part of the annual meeting, such as Experience Award, happiness Award, Lean Award, improving Award, Innovation Award, Excellence Award, the perfect prize, which takes the whole atmosphere to a climax. In order to better develop the perfect Intco company, each of our employees are motivated times longer motivated. The company can be developed to today's scale, each employee made the appropriate contributions, let everyone feel that the value of each individual person is achieved in the value of the company.

It was a very moving meeting. With the company's development, the company also committed to further improving our benefits, our company employs people with disabilities, will take on more social responsibility. Every Intco employees feel deeply the company is also working to contribute to the community.

This is the time to carry forward the corporate culture. From the chairman's speech, expressed our corporate values. Lean, improvement, innovation. Care colleagues, customer service excellence. Reports from various subsidiaries also fully reflects our strict adherence to norms the spirit of excellence. The implementation of corporate culture is one of desire chairman Frank Liu in 2016, is one of our long-term winning magic competitors.

This is a meeting to reflect the spirit of solidarity. Each program in the annual meeting is brilliant and absolutely fabulous. Such as opening dance "perfect Intco", Let everyone present excited. The shows are a perfect and humorous, prompting the audience laughed again and again. Each actor prepared carefully and seriously, in the annual meeting of the Intco Group, let everyone feel the spirit invigorated.

In short, by participating in the annual meeting, let us fill with confidence in the firm belief, and company growth. We hope that this annual conference can be held, and we are also willing to convey honor and confidence to each of my colleagues. Our Intco Greenmax Recycling are confident that Intco will be better in 2016.