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Plastic Recycling Lamps in the Museum of Contemporary Art

These artworks are the art exhibits of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. The author is a fashion designer, Rail Juergen, who died in an accident last fall. Mr. Rail Juergen, in his first published work, sounded the alarm for the earth's ecological environment.
Beautiful Lamps

In the corner of display room compartment, as many as 135 pieces of plastic woven fabric has become a dream space. The plastic bottle cap is a combination of colored glass pieces, and it is a combination of a variety of shapes, such as circular and triangular. Wandering in the world of colorful lights, visitors is in the place such as exposure to the color of the sea, and don't know the ocean is by waste plastics are made.

In lamp display, Mr. Juergen rail reproduces the studio's internal environment which he had spent ten days in Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki City. For ten years, Mr. Rail Juergen has collected all kinds of plastic containers, caps, floats, toys, etc.. And classified the color and texture.
Waste Plastic Bottles

Mr. Juergen rail achieved the self-sufficient state of life in a rich natural environment as the goal about 15 yeas ago, moved to the living on Ishigaki Island. When he first arrived on the island, he first discovered a large number of waste plastic in sea. Mr. Rail Juergen said, "because of the waste of plastic waste is not sent back to nature, we can recycle these waste plastics, and manufacturing new products, such as styrofoam recycling and made photo frames."

So when you walk ,you can collect the rubbish. He has tried to deal with the garbage with the municipal government, but did not get a proper solution. As a result, Mr. Rail Juergen is determined to make the plastic rubbish into a beautiful and practical life. And try to complete the lamp production challenges. And that's what we are seeing now, and that's the last presents that Mr. Rail's Juergen left.