Plastic and Steel Material are Changed to Reshape Car

In recent years, the plastic used in cars is increasing. Currently, the amount of automotive plastic of Germany, USA, Japan and other countries has reached to 10%~15%, and some even reached to more than 20%. From the point of view of modern automotive materials used, whether it is decorative pieces or the function and structure, and everywhere you can see the shadow of plastics production. With the continuous improvement of engineering plastics and hardness, strength, tensile properties, plastic windows, doors, and even plastic skeleton car has gradually appeared and cars plasticizing process is accelerated.

Currently, the main direction of development of the world’s automotive materials technology is lightweight and environmental protection. Reducing the car’s own weight is to reduce vehicle emissions, and one of the most effective measures is to improve combustion efficiency. It is learned that the car weight is reduced by 10%, fuel consumption can be reduced by 6% to 8%. To this end, increasing the use of plastic materials in the car becomes the key to reduce the cost and weight of the vehicle and increase the vehicle payload.

Energy saving is the key. The main purpose of the application and promotion of lightweight plastic is to promote energy conservation process car and reduce pollution on the outside environment. However, the car caused by plastic pollution should not be overlooked.
In recent years, due to vehicle air pollution caused or induced disease showed a clear upward trend, has become one of the biggest threats to modern humans. According to some experts that the car volatiles have severe harm for our health.

Therefore, the development of low-distribute material is particularly critical and urgent. In fact, some environmentally friendly raw materials manufacturers have launched a series of solutions.
Plastic car is safe.

The traditional concept generally agreed that thin product safety is lower, in fact, it is not the condition that the heavier the car is the more secure. Even with very light material on the car, if you take high-intensity processing technology, can achieve very light but resilient very good results, and thus more secure.

Generally speaking, automotive plastic trim has been started to develop the common structure, functional pieces of direction: automotive plastic material trend to higher strength, better impact resistance and high flow direction, and then for the whole plastic car promotion. But the future is still a long way to go, not just security issues, but also refer to aging, recycling and other issues, which need the technology’s development in the future.

From the development of trend, we can know the plastic recycling has a very good future. Our company have already realized the trend. So we have formed a recycling circle and produced recycling machines-GREENMAX machines.