Polyethylene Foam Recycling Machine Test in INTCO Factory

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene can be made of polyethylene), which is commonly known as EPE.EPE is a high-strength buffer and anti-vibration capability of the new environmentally friendly packaging materials.

It is flexible, lightweight and flexible with typical packaging material properties. In addition, EPE foam could overcome the ordinary foam rubber brittle deformation, and the shortcomings of poor response. Meanwhile, EPE have a series of excellent features, such as insulation, moisture-proof, anti-friction and corrosion resistance. It will has significant anti-static properties after adding anti-static agent pink EPE raw materials. It has incomparable characteristics with other materials used as a cushioning material, which is widely used in packaging markets.

But polyethylene foam have pollution on the environment if not handled in time. Luckily, new types of recycling machines have been produced and could compact or melt waste PE foam into blocks. Last week, INTCO have participated an important exhibition, and we found that a lot of people have demands for polyethylene foam recycling machines. A lot of people said they were expected to reuse waste foams and made waste PE foam into pellets as much as possible. So they were interested in our machines.

Polyethylene foam recycling machines could smash waste PE foam and melt them into blocks. Finally, melted blocks will be crushed out under pressure. Complete process can be seen below the video.