Polystyrene Foam Plastic Recycling and Management

Polystyrene foam plastic recycling ways mainly include volume reduction and pelletize, crush into filling material, splitting to make oil or recycle styrene and so on.

First, volume reduction and pelletize: polystyrene foam plastic can melt and extrude to make new pellets. But for its large volume, it is very inconvenient to transport, usually volume reduction is needed before recycling. Volume reduction methods include mechanic method, solvent method and heating method.

Second, crush into filling material: polystyrene foam plastic products can be used as all kinds of filling material after crushing.

a.Reshape into foam plastic product

b.Concrete composite board product

c.Plaster splint brick

d.Pitch enhancer

e.Soil modifier

Third, splitting to make oil or recycle styrene: waste polystyrene foam plastic splitting to make oil needs the following device: waste polystyrene foam plastic pretreatment, heat treatment, volume reduction, and catalytic cracking rectification styrene.

Four, others: waste polystyrene foam plastic can be applied to manufacture coating and adhesives.

Polystyrene foam plastic can be reshaped. Using in household appliances package or frozen food package foam plastic, few constant noodles bowls also use expandable polystyrene injection molding. These plastic products have large size and high cost, China pays special attention to its recycling and reusing.