Polystyrene Foam Recycling and Details You Should Know

Rejoice recyclers- you can be now easy to recycle the polystyrene foam blocks as our company produce compactor or de-watering machines-GREENMAX, which are easy to control and can handle large scale waste polystyrene foam. Also, our company is one of the largest companies in the world to procure polystyrene. So you can sell all your polystyrene foam to us because we can recycle them into new products.

Some machines can only recycle clean, white polystyrene foam blocks, but no cups, food trays, foam sheeting or plastic wrap. Our machines are much more different from this kind of machine. Our machines can compact and melt polystyrene foam, but they can also recycle the PET bottles, tetra-pak packaging and plastic foam of food, such as the paper cartons, PE film, alu-cans, yogurt cups and so on.

So if you have lots of polystyrene, you could handle them easily by the machine produced by our company. Our machines are cheap and the quality is high. Also, if you have one you can save up your polystyrene foam and drop them off when you are in the area instead of making a special trip.

If you are a packing peanuts and you can drop them for free at a variety of shipping. You make recycle or collect the peanuts packaging and get much more benefits from the action of recycling.

While the technology for recycling polystyrene is available, the market for recycling is very small and shrinking. Many Americans are hearing from their curbside recycling agencies that they will not accept PS goods. The good news is that the current biopolymer revolution is charting a path for producing environmentally friendly packaging material to replace those material. Polystyrene recycling is not “closed loop”-collected polystyrene cups are not remanufactured into cups, but into other products, such as packing filler and cafeteria trays. This means that more resources will have to be used, and more pollution created, to produce more polystyrene cups.

So it is better to use some alternatives. The following is:

Post-consumer recycled paper, bamboo, corn plastics, etc. are easily renewable resources.

All of these products biodegrade when composted.

Paper products can be recycled at most people’s doorstep where community recycling is in place.

So the environment protection need all of us to make efforts. Our GREENMAX machines can make contributions but our action is much more necessary in fact.