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Polystyrene Price and Raw Material Prices Have a Further Decline

Polypropylene, polystyrene, propylene and styrene prices will have further decline due to raw material prices. And it is expected in July will show the trend of decline. On the other hand, polyethylene prices are likely to remain stable, due to insufficient supply, there will show upward trend.

PS foam

European thermoplastic raw material prices by June has been the fourth consecutive month showed a strong upward trend. It is reported that by the end of June with the normal supply of raw material, thermoplastic materials prices will gradually stabilized.

polypropylene foam

In recent months, the thermoplastic material shortage phenomenon occurs, causing prices of raw materials have been rising in Europe. Food packaging and construction industries seem to see the hidden demand opportunities, while the beverage industry this spring due to the downturn in the market is also showing a strong momentum of development. The prices of polyethylene faster than the speed of price increases in raw material costs. And PE prices in June has risen to three digits. But at the end of June, the material prices show a tendency to fall due to the material supply shortage problem.

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As for the polypropylene industry, we can see the same trend with the PE industry. But due to the rising price of propylene by the end of June, which appeared small gains phenomenon. As for PVC, the price of the material is still showing a rising trend.

pvc plastic film

Polystyrene producers, due to market demand for the material appeared weak phenomenon, as well as the material provides a good supply of affordable failed to break.
At the same time, the material availability in June is not high, but due to poor PET material orders and other countries, the influx of increased market competitiveness, resulting in PET prices.

Despite the availability of the material is not high in June, but the trend has improved every month. However, due to unexpected events for the industry have has a serious impact, especially in the production of polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride plant. However, despite the lifting of the European polyolefin plants declared force majeure, but still no shortage situation returns to normal.