Recent Big Events and Activities in INTCO Recycling

At the beginning of the winter, the weather is colder and colder but INTCO is busy and have so many shows to participate and have some big delegations to visit our company. Also, our company have some tests and technology breakthrough in recycling machines.

First, I will introduce shows we have participated all over the world. Last month, we have participated in the show of Poland, America, Italy and China. In the show, lots of visitors have interest in our recycling machines and they communicate with us and tell us a lot of the local market condition.

Thus, we have developed a good relationship with the visitors. Meanwhile, our machines are attractive as the high-tech and comparative price. So we have a good sale in the show. Second, as our company have a good reputation and our business have been already related to the world. Some there are lots of communities hope to visit our company and want to know more about our products. One of the delegations is EPRO, European Association of Plastics Recycling& Recovery Organization, an association of the national organizations which is able to develop and deliver efficient solutions for the sustainable management of plastic waste.

In the reception, our receptionist make a good preparation with international etiquette. We explain the details completely and lead them to visit our factory in Shanghai. We show them our development history and our future prospective. Our development get a praise and they are interest in our new products, such as mirror frames and decorative frames. In the past, we only produced picture frames by the recycled polystyrene foam. But now our company have a rapid development and we have produced some much more practical and reasonable price material. The new products is widely used in some entertainment sites or house decoration. As the decoration need change for a period of time for some people, they prefer to choose this kind of decorative material to beautify their houses.

Finally, as our company have formed a recycling production circle, the plastic recycling machine have also a rapid development. Now our machines, Poseidon Series, can dewater the beverage cartons and PET bottles. Do you know the dewatering effects?

Our engineers have a test that they will dewater the Chinese cabbage and dry out the water of the cabbage. So this will be a good try and the test will start soon.