Recent Big Events in INTCO Recycling Company

The New Year is coming and now people will be much busier than before as everyone need to have a summary of their work. A few days ago, the recruitment in schools have begun. Our company have a lot of factories and we are both manufacturers and sellers. We need more trade dealers as the expansion of our business. So our manager had gone to the school to employ some excellent job seekers to join our team.

In the school, our manager introduced our companies to the participants. As our company’s business related to import and export trade, the multiple languages speaker are great in need. So our manager try her best to employ some excellent language speakers who are positive, energetic and talkative. So it is easy to find that our company pay much more attentions to the ability of our employers. Our customers mainly come from foreign countries, so it is extremely important to hire an employee.

As the recycling and waste management machines are great in need, our companies also pay much more attention to the improvement of technology. Now the technology of our Greenmax Mars Series have been improved much after test and research. Now the blades of machines can crush the waste Styrofoam easily. Even some dirty and wet material can be handled easily. Also the machines can handle much more high viscosity material. In a word, the waste polystyrene foam can be under control easily by the improved Mars. Mars can melt some hard to decompose materials and melt them down to dense blocks as much as possible.

Besides, we have tried to visit our customers who have bought our machines. As a result, we have solved their some machines operation problems. We can know much about our machines from the feedback so that we could get rid of their troubles and improve our technology or find our weakness in machines production. We believe that the company which pay attention to technology and after-sale service will have a better sale condition in the long term. We attach importance to the long-term benefits instead of immediate benefits.

The mentioned is our company’s main activities recently. Our company have tried to our best to improve management and production quality in order to supply high-qualified products.