Renewable Resource Develops Well

On June 17th, Chinese Renewable Resource Industry Development Report (2013) was issued.

It is showed that renewable resource recycling industry gains a steady development under the support and motivation of national developing sustainable economy policy. There are more than one hundred thousand resource recycling enterprises till 2013, and eighteen million employees and recruited.

Eight kinds of renewable resources ,including waste steel, non-ferrous metal, waste plastic, waste tire, waste paper, waste electronic products, scraped cars and scraped ships, total recycled amount reaches 160 million tons with recycling value 481.71 billion Yuan.

Report indicates that being influenced by macro economic situation and other factors, the whole recycling industry is in an adjustment period, several kinds of recyclable materials decreased a little, for example, waste plastic recycled about 13.66 million tons, decreased 14.6 percent.

Compared with using raw material, recycled material has an obviously better energy conservation and carbon dioxide emission effect. In 2013, recycling renewable resource has saved 172.725 tons standard coal, occupying 4.6 percent of total coal consumption of 3.75 billion, decreasing 11.2 billion tons polluted water discharge, reducing 3.77 million tons sulfur dioxide emission, cutting down solid wastes discharge 3.58 billion tons.

The report also made a prediction of recycling industry developing trend in 2014, that is: with the help of policy, renewable resource recycling industry develops very well and is hoped to go out of the adjustment period.