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Synthetic PP Paper Foam is Expected to Replace Conventional Plastic
Environmental protection has always been our common human themes appeal, and the use of plastics could make people feel helpless. We need plastic and it is easy to cause harm to the environment if mishandled. However, the phenomenon scientists have also made research.

styrofoam scraps

Plastic is widely used in industrial and household. But of the easily degradable characteristics, the damage to the environment is enormous. Recently, scientists have synthesized an effective alternative to plastic materials and the main component of this material is commonly used in our daily paper.

pp foam

This paper that can replace plastic paper is also known as PP synthetic paper. It is also made by the suppression of a polypropylene resin and recycled mixture. Since polypropylene can be extracted from waste plastics, and recycled paper can be recycled, the harm to the environment is far less than conventional plastics. PP synthetic paper also has good plasticity, which can easily be molded and can be also an ideal substitute for plastic.

pp paper

In addition, now PP can be recycled by recycling machines. Especially, PP foam can be easily handled by waste foam compactor. Now more and more people have realized the use of foam recycling machines. The advantage is that waste PP foam can be compacted into blocks or melted down to blocks. As a result, waste PP foam store space can be reduced and transportation cost can be saved as much as possible.

melted foam blocks