The Big Surprise In Intco Group New Year Meeting

The car is 2015 Limousine 35 TFSI Audi auto aggressive A3, one hundred kilometers acceleration is 8.4s, 1.4T 150 horsepower engine, 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, top speed is 215km / h, maximum torque is 250N • m, McPherson independent Suspension.

As luxury car brand of Germany Volkswagen Group, it is one of the world's most successful automotive brands, and Audi, the car has been a dream in each of our hearts. Today, the Intco Group have the opportunity to help us realize this childhood dream, as the chairman Frank Liu announced that one of Intco Group award will be the car Audi A3 in 2016 new year meeting!

As industrial design of human wisdom, car - is undoubtedly the most spectacular sinking overhead pearls, and Audi, interpreted the industrial automation perfectly, scientific and technological innovation gives us the convenience and comfort. This is same as the concept of Intco Group that is technology drives innovation. In order to bring the fruits of industrial progress and better serve customers around the world, the chairman Mr. Frank Liu introduce the most advanced production equipment, our engineers traveled to each related exhibition around the world, came up with the world's leading equipment solutions. In the company's interior, the chairman also rewarded several million for enterprise innovation to improve the program. Because Intco workers always believe that scientific and technological progress can bring our great welfare. Only do one enterprise that drives their own innovation and development with scientific and technological progress, can they better serve the needs of humanity!

As a company that works on styrofoam recycling ,renewable pellets, recycled polystyrene, frame and other home decorations around the world. Each of Intco workers struggled to achieve the perfect development of Intco group in 2015. Our sales attended every global exhibitions. In order to better serve customers, they work late into the night. Our production team is working overtime to ensure timely delivery customers' products, in order to meet 100% customer's requirements and twist their brains. Every little innovation in our daily work, will bring much improved product together at the hands of customers worldwide.
Intco company

Thanks all supports and help from our partners and customers in 2015. Your little bit support helped us to maintain a steady development; a single word of your advice helped us a better service!