The Factory have Produced and Tested New PE Foam Recycling Machines

Recently, our factory is very busy testing the machine whether they are in good condition. The aim pf this experiment is that we could make some improvements and find out some problems that may have. As a result, we could get rid of some problems that the customer may have.

We know PE foam have pollution on the environment, so people have tried their best to reuse and recycle waste PE foam. So now the hot melt densifiers have produced to recycle waste EPE foam.

You could see waste foams have been handled and they are melted down into blocks. Now waste plastic foams can be made into other products and we know that some picture frames and decorative molding can be made by melted PE foam. So you could easily find the great use of waste plastic foam recycling machines.

The Mars series machines could be classified into several types, including M-C25, M-C50, M-C100 and M-C200. These machines could handle different plastic foams.

Mars series machines could melt scattered and large-size plastic foams down to tight blocks. A lot of customers prefer to choose hot melt machines to handle their waste PE or EPS foam.

In this test we have put several plastic foams into the machine tanks and we have clearly known that what problems will meet and we also have different solutions for machines’ better operation. This is the reason why our company have always been testing new machines to handle different machines.