Tianjin Fighting in 8.12 Accident in Tanggu

A terrible noise originally broke the quiet night. Some warm home dissipated in the history of the event with the life loud, and the fierce fire destroyed the silent coastal city. Around at 23:30 on August 12, Tinajin Binhai New Area Yuejin Road intersection of Fifth Avenue and a container terminal exploded, detonating the explosive power equivalent to 24 tons TNT, 46 Tomahawk missiles, field mushroom cloud jumping. Up to now the explosion has caused 44 deaths, including 12 fire officers and soldiers. And there are 520 people in the hospital, including 66 people with severe injuries.

I work in INTCO Recycling and I do not pass rumors, guess, and chaos, which is our capability that we have at least for our fellow citizens. I was in Shanghai, and we are to pray more and pray for each dead creature alive, looking forward to what’s going on with tears. Play up and hold on and we are with you-Tinajin!

The most distressing news was confirmed. It is reported that at 22:50 on August 12, Tianjin Fire Brigade received a report that the Tianjin Binhai New Area SPA Ruihai hazardous chemicals logistics stacking fire, Tianjin Fire Brigade nine squadrons and 3 a full-time team of the Port Authority Station to the scene exploded.
All on-site firefighters all the heroic sacrifice.

China’s chairman-Xijin ping made important instructions to eliminate dangerous goods warehouse explosion of Tianjin Binhai New Area as soon as possible to control the fire and to treat injured and to ensure people’s lives and property.

Around 11:20 the night of August 12, Tianjin Port International Logistics Center area Neirui Hai Company owned dangerous goods warehouse explosion. After initial verification, and up to now the accident has caused a dozen deaths.

Anyway, all of people in INTCO hope the accident will have less injury for the local people.