Waste Plastic Bottles Recycling Way

In the long hot summer, while we are enjoy cold drink frequently, large scales of waste plastic bottles are produced at the same time and become one of the daily life garbage.

If not recycled, these numerous waste plastic bottles will not only bring harm to the environment, but also waste valuable resources. So nowadays many enterprises are researching and developing to create plastic bottle recycling technology and build up a “recyclable resource-low carbon dioxide production-environmentally friendly application-resource recycling-renewable resource” circular economy system.

In this way, waste plastic bottles are reused to make textile fiber products such as clothing, shoes and home textiles. Turning waste into values is realized by this method and waste recycling problem is effectively resolved.

However, as beverage containers, there are left liquid in most plastic bottles. So in order to recycle these bottles, de-water process is inevitable. De-watering is the first step, followed by using compacting machine to make its volume much smaller so that transportation is more convenient, then compressed plastic bottles are pelletized to make new products.

Recycling waste plastic bottles can protect the environment as well as conserve resource, nowadays; recycling industry is developing quickly and is expected to improve wastes management technologies to a more environmentally friendly stage.