Waste Plastic Recycling Begins in Our Country

Plastic product is commonly seen in our daily life, such as plastic bucket, PET bottles or washing machine shell, they have brought great convenience to our life.

But as economy develops, people pay more attention to living environment, problems causing by plastic products are also drawing people’s attention. Plastic product is one of the biggest pollutions in life; many plastic products cannot be naturally degraded. And recycled plastic granulator’s appearance is a transition for it makes recycling and reusing waste plastic possible.

For the moment, our work of recycling waste plastic has begun, but recycling rate is not high because domestic waste plastic recycling factory is far from being enough, besides, they are unevenly distributed, someplace even has no recycling factory.

However, recent years, as industry rapidly develops and people’s environmental protection awareness increases, recyclable plastic is warmly welcomed, and the demand market has exceeded the supply.

From the aspect of establishing waste plastic pellets factory, the risk is relatively small but profit is high. So more factories will be set up, and this is also an opportunity for granulator machine manufacturers.

Undeniable, our country’s waste plastic granulator is still in its developing stage, technology is still not mature. Of course, we will not only reduce air pollution by improving granulator machines, but also we have to take product quality and efficiency into consideration in order to pursue more holistic and harmonious sustainable development.