Waste plastic is growing in adversity

Global renewable plastic mesh information platform: in 2013, the import of waste plastics has maintained the trend of price rises, the quantity and more to carry out the special action of waste plastics enterprises. Ningbo in July to September, for example, has carried out a two-month recycled plastic recycling industry special operation, and clamp down on unlicensed unlicensed and spoils fence and beyond, illegal structures, strong-arming, "dirty, disorderly and poor" as the focus of the renewable resources recovery industry regulation and special events. This is the control measures of government level, so, for the industry should be how to adapt to or cope with?

Professional transportation company, Hong Kong, customs clearance, insurance companies, waste, unlicensed processing enterprise, this is the industry's well-known vocabulary are all around the regulatory system with Chinese characteristics and the industry's survival. Here, the regulatory system and industry running the actual gap is larger in itself. Precisely because we are used to game, and the system, in other words, is around the edges to find the countermeasures of system, a fine line, may be this is some companies facing the "hedge", media's negative reports, around the regulation.

The first on the one hand, these are the years of the development industry, derived from a series of changes in the process of the system construction in the process of a link, might not be waste, industry, other industries there is the phenomenon of "play ball". It is a link in the system change, the most important reasons for these problems is the supervision model of planned economy plan and fully market-oriented operation mode between the huge gap between and contradictions, so we produce so many so-called industry problems.

The second aspect is six contradictions.

First, the waste plastics industry itself is low carbon cycle industry, but in many media, and environmental pollution, formed a link between the industry and the media would have a lot of place, it is ideological contradictions

The second is a valuable renewable resource and the contradiction between "foreign garbage";
Thirdly, it is the amount of growing and industry the contradiction between monomer dispersion, that is to say, the total industry is very large, but monomer is dispersed.

Fourthly, is the weak basic research of the rapid development of industry and the contradiction of quality supervision, inspection, including the national level and industry level?

Fifth, it is the function of regulation and the contradiction between the need to strengthen the industry management, government control of the only only from the perspective of its own, but from the perspective of industry regulation is real need our industry organization spontaneously has an internal management ideas and direction of the industry, our industry is just in these departments belong to a very narrow field, we may all can't go to their main job category, it is of great importance to strengthen industry management weaknesses exposed.

Sixth contradiction is the modernization of technology and capital intensive processing way and the contradiction of the original manual cottage industry processing; the main effect may be to have a "hedge", have a variety of rectification, imports of waste plastics is falling too much.

In recent years, with the state for recycling importance more and more high, waste plastics system aspects of the system is also gradually perfect, from the solid waste management approach ", to "waste plastics processing and use of pollution prevention management regulations", to "the regulations on environmental protection and management of imported waste plastics, as well as more and more strict examination and approval, a series of regulations not only raised the threshold of imports of waste plastics, and reflects the improvement of state regulation of waste plastics industry, these had a great influence on the development of waste plastics market in China, the specific performance in:

Firstly, large and medium-sized enterprises are expected to usher in new opportunities, small living space narrow. Requirements engaged in waste treatment enterprises should have more environmentally friendly processing equipment, will increase the cost of plastic enterprises, large enterprises will be more likely to get the policy support, small businesses will gradually lose living space.
Second, reduce the imported raw materials supply. Due to the policy regulation and strict, imported raw materials admittance threshold is reduced, part of the material is hard to enter the domestic market. From January to June imports fell 11.34%.
Thirdly, from scattered to centralized market. Late plastic regeneration industrial park will play a role, eventually instead of the traditional waste plastics market.
Fourth, the cost increase, drive the price up. The decline of imports of waste plastics will raise price of plastic. In addition, the plastic processing enterprises increased costs also will lead to the prices of recycled plastic. But this year in addition to the cost factor, the current situation of the weak demand weakens the goods and the high cost of less support; most of the products did not show the intent of the results.
Fifth, evolution. Some serious pollution of small businesses will exit the market; from personnel of course of study will be reduced.