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World's Latest Automatic Sorting Technology in Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling industry from the initial to the PET bottle to the present various types of plastic recycling, the first face of PET cleaning technology is mixed plastic recycling. The article is about plastic recycling industry in the face of mixed plastics recycling process, sorting should be how to face, what kind of role.

Through the national recycling technology company (NRT) data, to explore new ideas and thinking about the separation of technology.

The application development of automatic sorting "in the Chinese

According to a rough estimate, there are about 100 or so of the photoelectric sorting machine, but the success of the application is very few, which makes the photoelectric sorting industry and plastics recycling industry are very embarrassed. On the one hand, it is the necessity of the industry development, but also because of the substantial increase in the cost of labor and manual can not guarantee the quality of the product, but also make the large scale application of photoelectric sorting become the only choice. But on the other hand, the use of a myriad of recycling after the photoelectric sorting machine, simply can not reach the original goal or far from the established target, so that newcomers feel particularly confused.

For this problem, at the beginning of 2014, NRT President Mathias (Erdmannsdoerfer Matthias) in an interview with China waste plastics magazine, said: NRT now to do a thing, is to let customers know very clearly the value of the purchase of equipment, even if the enterprise does not buy NRT equipment, this is not important thing. What's important is that a client's investment is made. In an entrepreneur's life, or a factory in a period of time may only have two to three such a big investment. NRT as a professional equipment manufacturers will not allow customers to invest in what do not know, to go to the blind purchase or investment.

Automatic sorting "is the cornerstone of the development of the industry
foam recycling sorting technology

In the whole sorting process, many kinds of sorting, including:

Density separation: one of the physical characteristics between plastic is the density of different, plastic density range from less than 1 to 1.5 range, this density range mainly includes single variety of plastic density range, the use of different density can be divided into 2 groups or more quickly, reduce the number of plastic in each group. The plastic has a more stable performance after these groupings for better downstream processing. In some cases, density sorting may be sorted out some specific characteristics of the plastic.

There are a lot of density separation schemes and equipment, these methods and equipment are mainly used as the suspension medium of the liquid will be the material floating and sinking. Using air as medium of air separation equipment, a good air separation equipment will make the process more economical and highly standardized. Key points: speed control of the rate of winnowing, and negative pressure control.

Optical / electrostatic separation: different plastics are used in different parts, making the plastic have different colors and thickness, which will be used in the process of separation of color, material or electrostatic separation. Each method has its own characteristics and efficiency, and the effect of separation is largely due to the processing and separation of the raw materials.

Separation of flame retardant plastics: an important indicator for the recovery of plastics is to meet the requirements of the regulations on the residual impurities. Such as (BRF) containing bromine, heavy metals, chlorinated flame retardant, color, etc., are currently in the whole of these substances as well as being disabled, but still may have in the recycling process.

Photoelectric sorting technology DXRT TruSort type equipment: according to the atomic weight of the separation, which has the following characteristics:

From the normal plastic selected flame retardant plastics can be achieved, glass in the selected lead glass, coal in the coal gangue, the common metal in the selected heavy metals, compost / organic matter in the selected glass, printed circuit boards and ordinary plastic separation.

Automatic sorting "will bring changes to the value of plastic recycling industry
plastic recycling process

In the future of the recycling system design, will be sorted as the center of the. The overall concept of the system is very important in the process of the polystyrene foam, and the removal of some impurities can significantly improve the application of the final product. Any matter affecting the first material, will affect the second sorting.

Specific sorting steps will be selected and configured according to the characteristics of the feed and the requirements of the final product. Because of the uncertainty of the raw material, so that the classification is very difficult to have a standard process, this point and recycling industry has been engaged in the PET recycling is very different, but also a lot of manufacturers are at a loss, because a lot of time do not know what their own raw materials.

But it is imperative to recycle styrofoam, and after a lot of practice and exploration, it has already been adjusted according to different conditions. We have reason to believe that China's recycling industry will seize the opportunity, to try to practice, to advance a big step in the commercialization of complex plastics.