A Foam Recycling Machine Can Be Of Great Importance To Sofa Angel Packaging Industry


Sofa is one of the most common furnitures, and people are all like to sitting or lying on the sofa while relaxing themselves at home, and with the development of real estate industry, the decoration field is thriving too, the demand of expandable polyethylene foam packaging material has been increasing dramatically and meanwhile the EPE wastes have been a big headache to properly process with.

It consists of low density polyethylene glycol by physical foaming to produce a myriad of independent bubbles. It is a relatively advanced protective inner packaging material in the world due to high elasticity and white appearance.
Currently EPE is widely used in high-end furniture, such as sofa as packaging material for angel protection. Other high-end handicraft packaging, EPE combined with other high-grade decorative fabrics and flannel, has a luxurious style, without losing its good impact protection effect, and it is can be recycled and reused to produce new packaging material which helps save natural resource and protect environment.


To avoid being sent to landfilling, GREENMAX recycling has been developing high-quality foam recycling machine, including polystyrene screw compactor, styrofoam densifier, pet bottle dewatering machine, and as for EPE foam disposal, GREENMAX has two options for you to choose, one is based on cold compression technology, named ZEUS compactor could compact waste scattered polyethylene foam into tight blocks.
Compacted polyethylene foam blocks need less store space and could offer convenience to transportation.


Then store cost and transportation cost could be saved. In addition, compacted polyethylene foam could be sold to get extra money.
The other choice is GREENMAX styrofoam densifier, which is based on hot-melting technology, the waste polystyrene items can be melted into densified ingots with this kind of foam densifier, and the compression ratio of machine is 90:1, that is to say,the densified ingots are 90 times smaller than before. So that it is easy to transport to the recycling plants to recycle.
EPE is a valuable packaging materials, not only for its versatility, but also because that they can be
well recycled and given second life to reproduce new packaging materials.