Congxigang Came to Visit INTCO Group

On August 22, 2016, Zibo City, United Front Work Department Congxigang came to visit INTCO group in Linzi District, the city Mayor Songzhenbo also attended.

In INTCO office, the minister Congxigang briefed development direction and industrial processes by INTCO, expressed recognition and appreciation to INTCO environmental protection concept and circular economy. Cong minister said, vigorously developing the circular economy is the top priority of the current work, "Thirteen Five" plan energy conservation smooth started this year, strengthened energy co-ordinate and strengthened environmental governance remains the benchmark work center this year.

In INTCO Hall, the visit delegation just met foreign clients in the exhibition site who are designing product, Minister Congxigang and mayor Songzhenbo carefully understood the product design process, and encouraged INTCO environmental protection to increase the development of foreign customers, continue to do bigger and stronger, providing the beautifully designed and high-quality products to millions of households around the world.

In INTCO production workshop, the manager Zongjing introduced the company's recent new production facilities to leaders. The production efficiency has been greatly improved with these new devices, new technologies, new programs,, and the quality of product has a higher level, Mr. Song said he was glad to see that he can see the new changes in INTCO every time, which is an innovative, thriving business, hope that INTCO environmental Protection Bureau will continue to explore the international market and expand its advantage, upgrading traditional manufacturing industry to 4.0 industry, with a modern, using international production equipment and design concept to create a more beautiful Styrofoam recycling machine, frame products, promoted local economic development and benefit the people in Zibo Linzi city.