EPE are Foam Packing Sheets Recyclable in US

In the United States, only a few areas can throw foam waste into recycling bins, like California and Washington. In most other areas, if people throw foam waste into the recycling bin, they will only enter the dump or the ocean, causing more and more serious foam pollution, so people need to handle foam waste by themselves.

Because of its low cost, light weight and strong shape, EPE has been loved by the packaging industry and has become one of the sources of foam waste. If people have EPE waste, the usual way is to find the recyclers who accept EPE. The US Environmental organizations has also developed a number of public interest websites to help residents find the nearest recyclers to contact them for recycling EPE waste.

But this method is suitable for residents with a small amount of EPE waste, for packers, a large amount of EPE waste cannot be recycled in this way, because recyclers charge a high transportation fee. American packers have chosen another way – self-recycling. EPE is 100% recyclable, and EPE waste is put into the hopper of GREENMAX professional EPE densifier equipment to produce a compression block at a high ratio.

This kind of compression block can not only help save waste disposal costs, but also bring high profit. The end market such as hangers has a large demand for compression blocks, and the INTCO Recycling, a brand of GREENMAX, is committed to repurchasing EPE compression blocks.

Whether it's self-recycling or contacting recyclers, recycling EPE waste will reduce the flow of plastics into the ocean or contaminate the land, which is why we are committed to promoting foam recycling.