Liu Fangyi, chairman of INTCO, was invited to host 2018 Huaguang New Year Forum


On January 18, Mr. Liu Fangyi, Chairman of INTCO, who appeared at 2018 Huaguang New Year Forum. With the vivid description of Mr. Liu Fangyi, the way of global business growth was exceptionally exciting. 60 participants with great enlightenment and agreed that this sharing was very valuable.

Huaguang New Year Forum has been held for five consecutive years, which named due to the sponsorship of Huaguang ceramic and held at the Huaguang Culture and Arts Center. This year's forum was jointly organized by Qilu Commercial Culture Promotion Association of Zibo City, Association of Overseas Chinese Merchants of Zibo City, Qilu Culture Communication Promotion Association of Zibo City, and Zheng Dao Union Community.


This year's keynote speaker is INTCO Chairman Mr. Liu Fangyi. INTCO is a large private multinational group of companies, products covering two major areas of environmental protection and health care, INTCO Medical is a leading disposable medical consumables and medical equipment manufacturers. INTCO recycling is Polystyrene Recycling machine specialist, which focus on produce foam plastic recycling machine.

With the rapid growth of enterprises and the global layout experience, Mr. Liu Fangyi elaborated on how to effectively allocate all kinds of resources in the world and find the most suitable business solutions of them. In the context of a major change in the development environment, standing high, changing thinking, you will find the opportunities far greater than the crisis. First-class talents, first-class products, first-class customers, first-class capital, the last combination is the first-class enterprises.


In the end, Mr. Liu Fangyi said that it is no accident that the seemingly unrelated episode appears again and again. A global enterprise should connect them perfectly. Going out not only can obtain technology and market, but also can find the best business solutions.