GREENMAX densifier can be used to recycle polystyrene foam beads


Polystyrene beads are tiny particles of foamed polystyrene, which are used to make familiar fillings, such as bean bag chairs and stuffed toys. They are used to make loose, protective packaging materials commonly referred to as "packed peanuts". Polystyrene itself is a thermoplastic material that exists as a solid at room temperature and melts when heated. This is a recyclable material, but many recycling facilities are not equipped to deal with these polystyrene products expect GREENMAX machine.


The most common form of plastic solid polystyrene is hard and colorless plastic, and its semi - rigidity and flexibility are limited. It can be treated as a transparent material and can be treated with artificial pigments. Disposable picnic tableware, model car, smoke detector shell, popular in the chain restaurant, reusable DVD box are daily examples of solid polystyrene for countless uses.


The bean bag chair "beans" also made from polystyrene beads, is an example of foam polystyrene. Packaged peanuts, home insulation and foam drinking cups are other examples of foamed polystyrene. Apart from furniture filling and packaging of peanuts, foamed polystyrene beads are also used to create custom molded packaging materials for transportation of fragile items.


The polystyrene pellets in the bean bag chair will eventually need to be replaced; although they are not biodegradable, they will become flattened and begin to break into their crushed air squeezed from the foam. With other polystyrene products, the local environmental protection department should contact if this material roadside pickup is not available. Polystyrene is usually made in three forms: extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene foam, and extruded polystyrene foam.


All these kind of polystyrene can also be recycled through GREENMAX foam densifier, This machine can melted the waste polystyrene beads into densified ingots, with the volume reduction ratio up to 90:1. Because of it, the melted beads are easy to transport and will have little pollution on the environment. Then, we can reuse the resources for granulation, refining, paint or for building materials.