GREENMAX Has Successfully Attended N-EXPO 2019

The largest environmental exposition in Asia, N-EXPO was held in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan from March 12th to 15th. The four venues of Waste Recycling, Water Treatment, Biological Energy and Ecological Protection constitute the main body of this exhibition. At the same time, thematic exhibitions on reducing greenhouse effect were also held, receiving strong support from many parties. The organizer Nippo Business Co., Ltd. is committed to protecting the environment where human beings live and building the belief of a clean earth.

This exhibition is a very important platform for enterprises to enter the Japanese market, which attracted 587 exhibitors, 180,717 visitors last year and the exhibition area reached 20700 square meters. GREENMAX has attended N-EXPO for 4 consecutive years and took the central booth A131 this year.

What GREENMAX showed on spot was a Styrofoam Densifier as GREENMAX has been a Styrofoam Specialist since 2018, when the brand was established. The total solution it provides is reflected in the following three points: first is to manufacture and sell Styrofoam Compactors/Densifiers, then purchase back compressed Styrofoam blocks/ingots, and the last step is to reuse them to make frame products. In N-EXPO exhibition hall, GREENMAX totally displayed its recycling solution.

From March 12th to 15th, visitors to the our booth kept coming, showing great interest in the Styrofoam recycling solution provided by GREENMAX.

In their opinion, GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier has a simple and firm structure, compared with Japan's local machine, it was easier to maintain. More valuable, the machine could be customized according to different needs. As the Styrofoam densifier was the most cost-effective, it was quickly sold out to a guest.