GREENMAX Machine Will Display In K Show 2016

On the K show 2016, INTCO GREENMAX recycling equipment suppliers Co., Ltd., will showcase its latest Styrofoam recycling machine, practice the concept of "minimalist design, easy collection".

GREENMAX based on their extensive experience and customer feedback, we offer waste EPS recycling total solution, from the recycling machine, waste to buy, and then EPS deep processing and sales. So we buy back EPS scrap and also has very convenient chance to focus on customers’ machines, where in-depth understanding of the customer reviews from other equipments to make targeted improvements, the compacted EPS blocks from GREENMAX machine are at their best from all aspects of the density and quality. So that customers can use the same material to make more profit, we can get the better EPS waste.

To this end, GREENMAX recycling machine can save power consumption as no heat is added to the process. Compared with European companies EPS densifier, this new GREEMAX recycling machine system is more friendly and efficient.

GREENMAX also developed a complete, easy machine maintenance guidelines, parts replacement instructions, machine operator guidelines, common troubleshooting tools and other packages. Users can browse these instructions for quick and easy to operate the machine from the Internet. In addition, GREENMAX also established subsidiaries around the world, to meet the urgent needs of customers.

It is reported that, GREENMAX MARS series styrofoam recycling machine is specifically designed to recycle EPS, EPE, and polystyrene foam packing material. It can be recycled in a compact line, cutting, extrusion and granulation, it can be reused as beautifully photo frames.

The recycling equipment can melt EPS material pretreatment, so that the material is ready for extrusion processing, and then by means of centrifugal force, the EPS foam is fed directly into the extruder.

Compared with the traditional recycling machines, GREENMAX believe that this integrated system does not require a separate isolated mill avoid problems feed interrupt (excessive feed or feed inadequate material).