How can we recycle polyethylene foam waste effectively


EPE material stands for expanded polyethylene. It is also known as PE (polyethylene) foam. Polyethylene foam is a dense foam used for many purposes. One of the most common applications is as a consumer packaging protection medium. Its dense structure provides adequate protection for consumer products during transportation.


Polyethylene is recyclable, but many municipal recycling companies don't have facilities to handle it. Fortunately, there are some facilities in the United States and Canada that accept polyethylene foam in its specialized recycling programs. Polyethylene foam products with a "4" recycling label can be sent to dedicating recycling program.


So how can we recycle polyethylene foam waste effectively?


For residents or businesses with a small number of polyethylene packaging waste, you should first check your area for foam acceptance facilities. Some will take the PE foam away by truck for free, while others can arrange to pick it up (usually should pay for it). Make sure to check minimum/maximum quantity, as some facilities only accept large quantities.


Large recycling companies and manufacturers can buy their own equipment. In the long run, they can only make more profits if they make polyethylene recycling as a business.


Polyethylene has become an important source of waste for many manufacturers and distributors. Some leading companies have developed efficient and cost-effective recycling system for companies to recycle additional unwanted foam waste and generate profits from polyethylene recycling.


INTCO recycling, a company offering foam recycling equipment and services, can help you set up the whole polyethylene recycling project. It can provide with professional foam densifier to help you achieve foam volume reduction by 90:1, and finally helps you find the buyers for your recycled foam blocks.


In addition, INTCO recycling also has grinders and crushers that crush polyethylene waste into beads or strips, which are used to make additives for other products, polyethylene recycling is much more economical and efficient than landfill and paid processing.