How to recycle foam containers in a eco-friendly way?

According to the EPS Industry Alliance, Crofton, Maryland, post-use and post-industrial foam totals increased in 2019, with more than 136 million pounds of foam recycled - 23 million pounds more than 2018. The data is based on the report received from 63 foam manufacturers and independent recyclers in the U.S., which proves the viability of foam recycling. While the foam recycling rate is so considerable, foam containers like food trays, coffee cups, and take-out containers are often not accepted in virtually all curbside recycling programs.

What is the eco-friendly way to do foam containers recycling?
Don’t just head to the trashcan with your foam containers. Dart Container Corp, a manufacturer of foam products, shows there are facilities across the country where you can do foam container recycling. In addition, there are some ideas about foam disposal for your reference:
1. Reuse
Don't throw away containers like coffee cups after one use. They can be used many times a day.
2. Repurpose
The clean foam trays can be used as a cushion for packing materials or as a surface for handicrafts.
3. Recycling
Although the first two methods are the ways to deal with food containers, they are transient. The food containers will eventually enter the recycling link.

At present, it is the most feasible way for residents to take the foam food containers to recycle points. Residents do not have to spend money on expensive foam recycling equipment. Only wash and dry the froth stains, store these containers and take them to the recycling center does make contribute to foam food container recycling.

For those who own the restaurants and have a large number of waste food containers, purchasing a GREENMAX APOLO-SWD offered by INTCO Recycling is necessary. The machine can automatically clean contaminated food containers, chop them up and compress them into blocks at a ratio of 1:50. It's equivalent to compressing a truck's foam into a chair's volume.

The following is the whole process of foam containers recycling:
1. Collecting the material
As you can see, the collection of foam food containers can not only by recycling points but also by manufacturers.
2. Machine handling
Machine processing is to turn waste into a machine and transfer it into a compact foam block.
3. Granulation
Foam blocks can be transported to a granulator to produce pellets.
4. Making photo frames and other products
You may think that photo frames are made of wood, but in fact, pellets can also make photo frames. Besides, there are surfboards, skirting lines, and so on.

To sum up, although there are many ways to deal with foam food containers reasonably-reuse and repurpose, the most effective way is foam containers recycling. It lets the foam disappear in a eco-friendly way, which is actually the end result of all containers. Residents can take the containers to the recycling point, and the recycling point can purchase the machine.
INTCO Recycling has a whole chain of foam food containers recycling, offering the machines and purchasing the blocks. If you need help, please contact us.