INTCO Group Will Take a Deep Tour in Korea

What do we play in South Korea?

Gyeongbokgung Palace, built in 1394, it is the most ancient palace in Korea. The palace is located in the northwest political center Cheong Wa Dae in South Korea, witnessed important historical events, and more places are - Seoul Tower, Namsan Park, Lotte World, Han River Cruise, these beautiful and so well-known attractions, let's Fun Seoul!

What can we enjoy shopping In Korea?

Samsung's Shilla Duty Free store has the most comprehensive cosmetics in the Korea, is the most representative of Korea's duty-free shops, as well as Lotte Duty Free shop which has the latest products in South Korea, with South Korea's largest supermarket EMART supermarkets, INTCO group partners can buy what want to buy!

Why is South Korea

As an international enterprise, chairman of INTCO group Mr. Frank Liu has been encouraged to pursue the "going out" business strategy, "full reading thousands of books, thousands travel," is his own idea, he left footprints in 1/5 of our country and even the world's countries, it is with so much experience to visit around the world, which have created an international young team from the production equipment, technology, management, product design, development, sales. INTCO products and sales partners were sent abroad for training, exhibition, introduced first-class equipment, trained first-class talents, expanded their horizons and globalization every year.

Korea, is one of the first developed Asian countries, is the leader of "Asian Tigers," it gave the birth world-class companies such as Daewoo, modern, LG, Samsung. Wherein Korean industrious and brave, united rigorous national spirit, are worthy of study hard.

The Korean culture experience tour, INTCO staff can bring their families, let us enjoy a wonderful trip in Korea, the company also will plan to travel to Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States in the future, allowing partners to experience the exotic from around the world, taste the cultural differences, joint efforts that INTCO group will become a world-class international enterprise. As a brand, INTCO GREENMAX will continue to styrofoam recycling and EPS recycling career.