INTCO has set up business scholarship in Shandong University of Technology

On the afternoon of December 8,2017, the signing ceremony of the Enterprise Scholarship held in Shandong University of Technology. The General Manager of INTCO Yu Haisheng, Chairman of Human Resources Department Zhang Peng and assistant of president Mu Tianyu has attended to the signing ceremony on behalf of INTCO. Zhang Xiangyun, member of Vice-Chancellor of Shandong University of Technology, dean of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Shu Shuping, representatives of enterprises and some teachers and students attended the signing ceremony. 


The purpose of INTCO setting up a corporate scholarship is to reward students who excel in academic performance and outstanding in individual performance, as well as other groups with excellent academic styles and dormitories.


In his speech, Manager Yu present at the scene about the products and operations of INTCO as well as their future development plans before all the leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers and students. He said in particular that Mr. Liu Fangyi, Chairman of INTCO, attached great importance to the human resources of the company, also attached great importance to the recruitment and training of talents in colleges and universities, and supported the cooperation between schools and enterprises.

Currently, both INTCO and Shandong University of Technology have a history of 10 years of cooperation between schools and enterprises. Both parties have conducted in-depth cooperation in community activities, students’ internship and product research and development. In 2016, INTCO were listed in the base of research and innovation of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The road to future cooperation is very vast and we look forward to further cooperation between the two sides. INTCO has been keen on social welfare undertakings, fulfill corporate social responsibility, the scholarship donation is further cooperation prelude between INTCO and Shandong University of Technology. Under the joint witness of the guests at the scene, Dr. Yu Shuping, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, signed a donation agreement.

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