Intco Medical and Jiangsu University Built Employment Training Base

Good News!!! INTCO Medical and Jiangsu University built employment training base

On May 5, INTCO cooperated with Jiangsu universities in depth to build the employment training bases, and signed a framework agreement.

INTCO Medical Branch - Jiangsu University Graduates Employment Practice Base

As you can see, the pictured showed the signing ceremony of employment Practice Base.

Accompanied by the INTCO leaders and colleagues, the school leader of Jiangsu University visited Jiangsu INTCO branch plant, office environment, and other products and processes.

Jiangsu INTCO subjects: Jiangsu INTCO Medical Branch, established in 2004, located in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, covers an area of 120 acres and employs more than 300 people, is China's leading manufacturer of durable medical equipment, mainly produce wheelchair , walker, crutches, bedside tables and other medical rehabilitation products. We have all kinds of advanced robotic tube bending apparatus and automated injection molding equipment.

Employment training base played their own advantages Talents positive interaction in schools and enterprises, "to choose the right business talent, talent selected enterprises" as the goal to establish a platform for cooperation in order to achieve a smooth college graduates to join the company's technical innovation and market operation, while participating in promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and realized their entrepreneurial and employment.