Polyfoam recycling can be realized efficiently by using recycling machine

According to data provided by Eurostat, the Italian recovery rate is 76.9%, which is almost twice the total amount of waste recycling in Europe.

"The Italian case is a great success", have an official admitted, "both in terms of the quantity of the stuff sent to the waste recycling plants and in terms of the low cost of the whole recycling chain."

Actually, this high recovery rate is due to the success of the national waste sorting in Italy and the development of new polyfoam recycling methods in Italy to solve the cost problem.

We must know that polyfoam materials are the most distressing material among several waste materials commonly found in waste recycling systems. Because of the unique characteristics of polyfoams, high stability, low cost, 98% air content, large volume and light weight, in the recycling process, whether it is accumulation, transportation and storage, it will cause excessive cost. At the same time, if the traditional waste disposal method of polyfoam waste is used, the environmental cost is also too high.

In order to solve this problem, Italy has adopted a new way of recycling polyfoam – adding roadside recycling points, the local municipal bureau is responsible for collecting polyfoam waste, but signing contracts with professional recyclers for polyfoam recycling. These recyclers often have specialized polyfoam recycling machines, such as a GREENMAX A-C200. The polyfoam compactor uses screw compression technology to compactor polyfoam waste in a ratio of 50:1 to form a recycled polyfoam blocks.

Recycled polyfoam blocks can reduce storage costs and improve transportation efficiency during the recycling process. At the same time, recyclers can also be sold as commodities by recyclers to the end market, such as frame manufacturing, to earn profits.

The use of professional recycling machines for polyfoam recycling is not only to help Italy's recycling rate lead other European countries, but also to ease the pollution of polyfoams in the country, and for recyclers, it has also introduced a new way of profit.