Polystyrene from Industrial Sources should be Recycled through GREENMAX Plastic Densifier


In our daily life, we can see Polystyrene here and there. It can be applicated in different kinds of products, such as Appliance packaging materials, fish boxes, lunch boxes and so on.


Although different types of polystyrene are used in different ways, the most common types that can be recycled are packaging materials. Food service packages, such as foam cups, are typically not recyclable and are not technically made of foam polystyrene.

While it may be more difficult to recycle polystyrene, but it is important to do so. Polystyrene is not biodegradable and can be stored on our planet for 1000 years as a contaminant. Because it's too light, polystyrene is easy to travel around the world and still float on the water of the ocean. As it begins to decompose, chemicals are released into the soil and groundwater - this is the importance reason that we should take such action as polystyrene recycling.


The easiest way to recycle polystyrene is to throw it away at a local recycling center or pick it up on the curb. Another way to prevent polystyrene contamination is to reuse it to do other products.

INTCO recycling has several machines to deal with polystyrene. These machines can process different types of polystyrene and foam waste, which will be a good helper to do these plastic recycling and reuse the waste plastic. It has polystyrene compactor and melter. The compactor can smash the waste polystyrene materials into pieces by the blades and gears, and then it could be easily compressed into tight block with the ratio of 50:1. And the melter can crush these foam first, then after heating and extruding, polystyrene will become the densified ingots, with the volume reduction ratio up to 90:1.

With the two kinds of machine, waste polystyrene can be recycled easily, and then we can reuse the resources to do other products and the environment also can be protected.