Raise the Styrofoam packaging recycling rate to circumvent foam products ban

According to reports, the Board of Directors of the Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA) voted on October 9 to ban the use of Styrofoam, and the ban will begin in April next year. Companies in San Luis Obispo County will be banned from distributing foam products, including takeout food containers and foam cups.

According to IWMA regulations, Styrofoam products include plates, cups, egg cartons, freezers, etc.

There are both supporters and opponents of the Styrofoam ban, but there is no doubt that this ban has brought huge impact to enterprises. Not only manufacturers of Styrofoam products, retailers and end users are also at risk of not being able to find cheaper alternatives.

According to a restaurant, “The take-out containers we use today are mainly made of Styrofoam. Once the material is banned, we will have to find new substitutes. As a small business, our profits are not high, but if we increase the price of our food, it will also affect the consumer."

Styrofoam is actually a recyclable material. Companies that want to get rid of the ban will have to raise Styrofoam packaging recycling rates and let the government know the value of Styrofoam waste.

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