Research Work in Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Company

On 22 May, 2016, the National Development and Reform macro hospital director Yang Chunping and his party came to Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. to conduct research work and economic model.

As the industry leader in environmental regeneration industry, Intco Environmental Protection Bureau showed the complete polystyrene recycling process from renewable PS particles to produce beautifully finished frames in detail to Yang Chunping, through the application of EPS recycling, which helps save 4,000,000 trees and reduce 100,000 tons of carbon emission, and strive to achieve economic development and resources saving, break the contradiction between resources and the environment, that is, resource constraints and environmental quality improvement requirements, which is the path of development of all mankind in the develop exploration.

As industry leader in environmental protection career, Intco showed to Yang details about the current status of development of the industry and the international situation, and for the entire industry, proposed for enterprise development and environmental protection together policy-oriented to Yang.

After carefully listened to the report, Yang Chunping proposed high praise to Intco Environmental Protection Bureau circular economic model, and gave a lot of suggestions, the director Yang Chunping, said that the current garbage system is not perfect, but there are already companies doing garbage recycling project, we hope the two sides can strengthen cooperation, promote civic awareness of environmental protection, and jointly promote the healthy development of the domestic business environment.