Rio Olympic Trampoline Trials Sponsored By INTCO

Rio Olympic trampoline trials sponsored by INTCO will be held in City Sports Exhibition Center, Zhenjiang on April 9 to 10.

2016 Rio Olympic trampoline project selection points race is open selection of the 2016 Rio Olympic trampoline contestants trials which report events and training schedule from April 6-8, the official game time is April 9 and 10 two days. During the event, in addition to the Olympic Games Trampoline individual project, also set the wonderful single-hop trampoline project.

Chinese trampoline's best players, including Olympic champion He Wenna, Dong Dong, the world champion Ye Shuai, Tu Xiao will also participate in this competition, Olympic champion Lu Chunlong also appeared as a referee. The Olympic Games runner-up Huang Shanshan will participate as a trainer.

Trampoline athletes use trampoline acrobatic skills to perform rebounded in competitive sport, Trampoline is a form of gymnastics as the "aerial ballet". In 2000, trampoline became an official event in the 27th Olympic Games. Trampoline jumping divided into the online and single projects, a trampoline action formed by a variety of forward, backward somersault twist or twist somersault actions. Players should show full range of motion with graceful body posture, correct action technology, the ideal height and good body control. Trampoline trials is wonderful site! The following images are trampoline athletes' wonderful performance in the game scene.

With the infection of the INTCO chairman of Mr. Frank Liu passion for sports events, the Jiangsu INTCO not only actively sponsored events, but also supported for the game of trampoline athletes in the race placards refueling event, as they have made outstanding achievements cheer, and sincerely bless them!

The picture shows the general manager of Jiangsu INTCO Mr. Wang Maokun and 2008 Beijing Olympic trampoline champion Mr. Lu Chunlong.

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