Styrofoam insulation recycling is clearly in order by comparison of the merits and demerits


The Styrofoam insulation is often used in floors, walls and roofs of domestic as well as commercial buildings due to its light weight, strength and thermal insulation characteristics. Its recycling, however, has not been taken seriously among industries.



By comparison of the merits and demerits, we may have a comprehensive understanding of it.
The merits of Styrofoam insulation can be mainly listed as follows:
The first is its light weight with a standard of 18-22kg/m3 in China, and in Europe, the Styrofoam insulation applied is only 15kg/m3.
The second is its low thermal conductivity. Because of its air filled hole structure, the air is prevented from spreading and the thermal conductivity is about 0.039.
Thirdly, as the air accounts for 98%, the insulation has a good impact resistance to buffer the outside impact by changing and restoring the space.



Additionally, the most important point is that it can be recycled for a second use and the Styrofoam insulation recycling can be easiest to realize among all the plastic recycling.
Apart from all the merits, people should also have a grasp of its demerits.
Such a material is flammable and toxic. The ordinary Styrofoam insulation board is easy to burn and the burning smoke will generate toxicity, even after adding flame retardants, the combustion can only reach B level. In many external wall fire cases, Styrofoam insulation board can account for 95%.



By comparison of the merits and demerits, it is easy to detect that Styrofoam insulation recycling must be enforced in order.
GREENMAX, a household name in the recycling industry, has already have a well-deserved reputation in the efforts of foam recycling.
The recycling machines it provides vary from screw drive densifier to thermal densifier. Due to the bulky volume and extremely light weight, these machines, by smashing, and then compressing or melting, can dramatically change the bulky foam insulation into small blocks or ingots. Such a process can save the storage space and at the same time, the transportation cost can be largely cut down.



With a compacting rate of 50:1 and a melting rate of 90:1, GREENMAX recycling machines paly a perfect role in the Styrofoam insulation recycling. The customers and partners we cooperate has spread from all over the world.
GREENMAX has always spare no effort in the recycling affair, as there is strength in numbers, we need your entry urgently.