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Styrofoam makes contribution to the Energy-saving Buildings

In recent years, China has actively take actions to save the energy and develop energy-efficient buildings vigorously. So polystyrene foam plastic (EPS) industry has developed rapidly, it is currently the most widely used material which the quantity demanded highly increases. The trend of industry development is getting better and better.


Polystyrene foam production is concentrated in the Northeast area of China and in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei provinces. Small and medium enterprises are the majority. In 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, there were five insulation molded polystyrene foam tests,the product qualification rate were respectively 95.1%, 96.3%, 97.5%, 97.5%, 97.8%. Product quality is steadily improved, but there are still some problems. The main problems focused on the apparent density, oxygen index, burning grading. The latest test found that a batch of products from Wuhan Xingda insulation material factory is unqualified for their apparent density.
When the density of polystyrene foam board is insufficient, if it is used for building exterior insulation, it will lead to its low tensile strength which cannot meet the requirements of both its weight and insulation system, so it will be easy to make polystyrene board be pulled off from its central part; while the insufficient density will result in the reduction of insulation, increasing moisture absorption, affect the effect of the building insulation. In a word, polystyrene foam board will not achieve the effect of energy-saving building insulation.
At the present, the amount of styrofoam manufacturing enterprises in China is about 2000, the quality continues to increase. However, there are only a few of large enterprises to manufacture styrofoam. It is reported that the apparent density refers to the quality of the foam per unit volume on the conditions of a predetermined temperature and relative humidity. Apparent density affects the other physical properties to a certain extent, and directly reflect the cost of products.



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