The Chairman of INTCO recycling, Liu Fangyi, has been selected as the leader of the National “Ten Thousand People Plan”


Liu Fangyi, the chairman of INTCO recycling, has been selected as the leader in the third batch of the National “Ten Thousand People Plan” projects for technology and entrepreneurship. After a series of selections, only 45 people were selected in Shandong Province, and Liu Fangyi is one of them.

What is “Ten Thousand People Plan”?

With the approval of the Central Government, 11 ministries and commissions including the Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences recently jointly launched the “National Special Support Plan for High-level Talents people”  (abbreviated as the “National Special Support Plan,” also known as the “Ten Thousand People Plan”), and it is ready for 10 years. The domestic government provides special support to select talents, leading talents and young talents people in natural sciences, engineering technology, and philosophy and social sciences in batches of 10,000 candidates in domestic and abroad.

Why China Implements “Ten Thousand People Plan”?

According to the person in charge of the Central Talent Work Coordination Group Office, the “National Special Support Plan” is a major talent project that focuses on coordinating domestic and foreign talent resources, highlighting high-end guidance, and comprehensively advancing China’s human resources development. Since 2008, in order to seize the opportunities brought about by the international financial crisis, the central government has first implemented the “Thousand Talent Plan” to attract high-level overseas talents, setting off an upsurge of overseas people returning to the country.

While deploying the "Thousand People Plan", the central government also proposed to conduct in-depth research and timely development and implementation of the domestic high-level personnel training support plan. So, the government launched “Ten Thousand People Plan”. This plan will be implemented in parallel with the "Thousand Talents Plan" and will be coordinated and promoted. It will provide special support for domestic high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talents.

About INTCO recycling

INTCO recycling provide total solution of EPS recycling. It provides the polystyrene recycling densifier to compact polystyrene blocks or ingots, and then purchase them back to make pellets. These pellets can be used to make decoration frames and then sell them to the world.