The common Styrofoam packaging types and recycling channels

Styrofoam products are widely used as packaging materials to protect items from damage during transportation. Commonly used Styrofoam packaging materials mainly have the following types:

1.Styrofoam boards. These are made of expanded Styrofoam foam and are used to make foam products. Because it is commonly called Styrofoam in many places, especially the United States, Styrofoam has become more widespread. Foam boards are very common in our lives, the exterior insulation panels are mainly made of Styrofoam material.

2.Styrofoam packaging boxes. Used for transporting large equipment such as furniture, computers and other household appliances, the main function of Styrofoam packaging is to release impact and shock absorption, to ensure that these home appliances products can be preserved in the transport process.

3.Styrofoam packaging peanuts. It is mainly used for packaging small, delicate and fragile items, especially glasses, red wine, etc. Foam peanuts packaging is mainly granular, can fill all the gaps in the box, to avoid the collision between products and keep the commodities intact.

4.Styrofoam containers. Styrofoam packaging can be easily found in the supermarket. Such as small individual yogurt cups and prepackaged fruit or vegetable containers. These are # 6 plastic, chased by the arrow recycling symbol at the bottom of the container, it is single-used, but can be recycled effectively.

The machines offered by INTCO recycling can recycle all the Styrofoam packaging types mentioned above. The main used types are Styrofoam compactor and foam densifier.

Due to the difference in recycling principles, these two machines are slightly different in terms of operation, compression ratio, and environmental protection, but each type has its own advantages. You can choose the machine that suits you according to your industry requirements. INTCO recycling is willing to provide you with more information about Styrofoam recycling.