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The recycling of polystyrene plastic particles

It is known to many people that polystyrene plastic particles are usually used just one time, millions of tons of white trash were put into nature after used which cannot rot and be transformed. And the trash can’t degrade and disappear on its own. So on the one hand, it results in serious environmental pollution, on the other hand it is also a waste of valuable non-renewable resources. Many science researchers around the world have focused on how to recycle and reuse waste polystyrene foam effectively.


Polystyrene plastic is one of the most widely used plastics in the world today because of its good water resistance property, good thermal insulation, excellent insulation, low moisture absorption and relatively strong shock strength. Due to its lightweight, sturdy construction, polystyrene plastic particles are widely used in the fields of packaging, moisture, waterproof, heat insulation, shock absorption, decorating, catering and so on. In a word, besides its advantages, it’s also easy to shape and the price is reasonably low, so polystyrene particles are penetrating into many aspects of the national economy.

Currently the method for recycling waste polystyrene foam is crushing and melting. Then through renewable granulation, it becomes another material particles. After added the relevant non-auxiliary agent into it,polystyrene foam will be processed into another kind of material.


But in the production of such plastic particles, the raw material may not be melted completely and the temperature control may be uneven. And at the same time it cannot be avoid that the raw material mixed with some impurities which leads to low productivity. Equipment can be damaged because of the presence of impurities.

Due to the applications of EPS, more and more waste EPS  products are displayed. In order to deal with so many waste EPS products and reduce the white pollution, GREENMAX professional designed and manufactured Styrofoam recycling machine system and provided a series of waste foam recycling solution.