The seafood industry is a great contributor for Styrofoam packaging recycling

If you live in a coastal city, you may be surrounded by the delicious seafood every day. But when these seafood are salvaged and transported to shopping malls and even farther places , you need the proper packaging, and this material has to be insulated, shock resistant and waterproof, with these performance, Styrofoam is the best option as seafood packaging.

Due to the excellent thermal insulation properties, Styrofoam boxes are commonly used as containers for transporting and storing fresh fish and other seafood. However, the problem is that most of the Styrofoam boxes are finally end up in landfills throughout Europe and even the world. This situation is not optimistic, Styrofoam landfill is a waste of resources, and hundreds of years of decomposition time is also a huge pressure on the environment.

As environmental protection and resource conservation have become the global focus today, recycling has been attached more importance. As one of the recyclable materials, Styrofoam recycling is gradually forming a new industry. The main contribution of seafood industry is that it produces a large number of waste Styrofoam boxes every day. Recycling Styrofoam packaging like fish boxes can turn the waste Styrofoam into reusable materials.

If you have used foam fish boxes, why not recycle them? Actually Styrofoam recycling not only aims to reduce environmental pollution, but also a way to make money.

Based on the quantity and fact that you are going to deal with your Styrofoam fish boxes, GREENMAX can offer you the professional machine as Styrofoam compactor to reduce the foam volume by screw compacting. Since fish boxes usually contain water, the bottom discharge bin is designed with stainless steel, and with the compression ratio of 50:1, GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor has been widely adopted across American and European countries.

GREENMAX is not only do a big favor on Styrofoam waste reduction, but also brings profits to the fishermen and logistics companies. This option is undoubtedly feasible.