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10 Events In Plastics Recycling Industry In 2015


1. Chinese government comprehensively regulates the imports of waste plastics


During November and December, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection and local authorities launched a new round of "hedge action", strict supervised imports of waste plastics quality and legitimacy. The action lasted for two months, had an impact on waste plastics trade around the world. Global waste plastic recycling companies are at risk of being returned.

Many American scrap shipping company said the Chinese government increased the stringency of inspection once again, to reduce or even eliminate the possible presence of impurities in the import container is the "hedge second generation."


hedge second generation

2. Pret acquired one of American largest plastics recycling company Wellman


In January 2015, Pret Composite Materials Co., Ltd. Shanghai acquired one of the largest plastics recycling business Wellman Plastics recycling companies. Transaction price is $ 70,451,000.

WPR was founded in 2008, it was once one of the world's largest PET recycling business, there are more than 2,000 employees. It is the fourth largest plastics polystyrene recycling business in North America, more than 180,000 tons of recycled plastic waste per year.

Pret Composite Materials

3. The world's largest wood-plastic recycling company Trex developed new products


Trex Company has four production lines that produced recycled bottle flakes recycling film and plastic bags in Winchester and Virginia. The Chairman of the Board Kaplan expressed, Trex company quietly set up a more than twenty engineers to promote production efficiency and product innovation.

Trex Company reached $ 136.8 million sales for the second quarter of 2015, increased 13% than 2014 second quarter sales year on year, which recycled plastic bottles sheet is mare than expected development of the company.


Trex Company

4. American export market took a plunge


Many factors affect the North American recycled plastics export markets, including the reasons for the greatest impact:

(1) Chinese Hedgerow Action.

(2) The devaluation of the Chinese yuan, the dollar is increasingly stronger.


American export market

5. The global shipping prices dropped lower and lower, is historically low.


In 2015, so that the world exporters recognized good news is dropping lower and lower shipping prices. Maritime expert analysis, dropping lower and lower shipping prices reflect the impact of various routes to reduce fuel costs and major transport routes Shanghai price war brings.


global shipping prices

6. Drama bill - Foam Act overthrow


Whether foams should be used, New York began to vote from 2013, and New York City legislation requires the city health department to investigate whether the foam can be recycled.

From July 1, restaurants, shops and manufacturers will not be allowed to hold certain types of foam products including foam disposable lunch boxes, foam wrap and even filled grain.

But just over two months, on September 22, the New York Supreme Court overturned the disabled foam container resolution. Foam can be recycled.


Foam Act overthrow

7.1400 million dollar aluminium cans recycling fraud.


California sued that five people defrauded about $ 14 million state funds named recycled beverage bottles. Recycling Administration spokesman Mark Oldfield said, 28% of the bottle is PET plastic bottles from outside the state.

Resource recycling unit detected fraud by analyzing recycling center data, and has withdrawn 24 recycling center qualification this year.

California took beverage can recycling project, trying to promote environmental protection through deposit and redemption. However, the project implementation is too loose resulting in fraud incidents continue to occur.

recycling fraud

8. Canadian exporters repeatedly been accused of transporting waste rubbish to Philippines.


According to the non-profit network of Basel Convention Monitoring Group (BAN) message, in May, Canadian Chronic company delivered 48 containers that was filled with waste plastic garbage to the port of Manila.

BAN is located in Seattle, is responsible for environmental oversight .They found a company called Whitby in Toronto transported 50 containers last year. BAN said that these containers was abandoned after unclaimed to the port of Manila.

Canada and the Philippines are all States Parties to the Basel Convention, unless the written approval of the two governments, otherwise prohibit their garbage transported to each other's territory. BAN said the company was unable to provide written proof of Chronic. In addition, BAN asked the Government of Canada has the responsibility to recall all 98 containers, and held accountable for criminal acts exporters.


Canadian exporters

9.Micro GREEN Polymers, Inc. closed down, its investment reached $ 40 million.

Micro GREEN Polymers, Inc. is located in north of Seattle, Washington, is a major innovator of clean technologies, the company has developed low-cost proprietary process that manufactured an environmentally sustainable plastic end products. As a "go to market" strategy, Micro GREEN created a one-time food service with an insulating beverage cup by using its patented Ad-air® process, the main features are environmentally friendly, light weight, and low cost.

Micro GREEN Polymers

10 Global ban plastic have implemented order prohibiting the use of disposable plastic bags.


The Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) recently published study shows that publishing plastic ban greatly reduces the amount of waste. On the other hand, the number of plastic bag recycling bins in reusable greatly increased. From March 2013, Austin has banned the use of disposable plastic bags.

The study showed the publication of plastic ban reduced roadside garbage, successfully achieved its intended objectives.

ARR report also recommends that residents should recycle plastic bags and encourage the city to implement a similar ban.

Global ban plastic