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Do You Know How to Make Full Use of the Waste Polystyrene in Daily Life

The China’s National Day have passed, and so many people feel tried as people are busy travelling and they will have a great expense. Meanwhile, lots of young will get married and the furniture are sold very well.

But the question is that the furniture need the help of polystyrene foam material to pack. Therefore, you will find so much waste polystyrene foam during the holiday. But don’t worry with the development of technology and so much troubles can be solved easily. As the polystyrene foam is lightweight and big in size, it will be hard to store and transport. But the furniture need the polystyrene foam material to pack in case that the furniture could be damaged. So it is necessary to pack the furniture by polystyrene foam.

As a recycling company INTCO have produced some useful and hi-tech machines for recycling all kinds of waste plastics. Our machines can compact and melt the polystyrene foam which as compact or melt them into tightness and large space can be saved. It is a waste if the polystyrene material can’t be recycled effectively.

The price of polystyrene material is higher and higher and the need of this material is large. The polystyrene foam have a wide use in building and factories. So sometimes it is not easy to buy some waste polystyrene foam material.

Why we want to buy waste polystyrene foam? This is because we need this material to produce other products. In this way can we save resource and environment as the polystyrene foam is hard to resolve. Our company could make full use of this material and we can protect the environment.

Recently, with the development of our company and technology, we need more polystyrene material. As is known, the building of our house or the decoration of our house need some wooden material. Thus, the tree will be cut down and the environment problems will be bad. But our new products which are made of waste polystyrene material could be regarded as wooden material. So we want to buy polystyrene material in great need.

In a word, the environmental protection and recycling industry need the help of machines. So our machines-GREENMAX can get rid of your trouble in recycling. Our company is a recycling company so we produce products by using our own machines to finish the processing.