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Greenmax Machines Provide a Better Way to Handle Waste Plastic Foams

Circular economy is an advocate of the establishment of the constant recycling of material based on the model of economic development, which requires the economic activities in accordance with the natural ecosystem model, organized into a resources-products-renewable resources, which has formed a repeated cycle of economic system as well as the entire process of production and consumption of essentially produce very little waste but did not really waste, characterized in low-input, high utilization and low emission of waste, which has long been a fundamental digestion sharp conflict between environment and development.

In short, circular economy is the use of natural resources in accordance with the laws of ecology and environmental choice to implement sustainable strategies.

INTCO have realized the importance waste plastic foam recycling, so we have devoted much more to the waste management machines-Greenmax. A recycling circular has been formed as INTCO buy waste plastic foam and produce waste plastic foam recycling machines. Finally, the end products is decorative molding.

Our engineers try their best to improve the waste plastic foam handling machines, such as our hot-densifier machine, which can melt the waste EPS and waste EPE into ingots after heating. The waste plastic foam can be crushed by the machine and the blade could cut the waste foam into pieces. Then the hot-melted machines could handle them and screw them out.

Then the handled waste plastic foams can be reused and the waste could be sold out and the recycler could get more benefits from the machines. In other words, waste is no longer waste and waste have already become valuable material.

In traditional economy, people with higher and higher strength of the material and energy on Earth developed. A lot of pollution and waste discharged into the environment in the production, processing and consumption process, the use of resources is often extensive and disposable. By continuing to become a waste of resources to achieve the quantitative economic growth, resulting in a lot of natural resources shortage and depletion, and environmental pollution which could lead to disastrous consequences. But circular economy has changed the condition, such as INTCO recycling, which have make great contribution to the environmental protection and resource saving.