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How to Choose Proper Machinery and Equipment When Purchasing

Along with the constant attention of the circular economy, waste plastic recycling industry has become a sunrise industry. But how to choose proper machinery and equipment? What should pay attention to when purchasing equipment?

If you want to post a want ad online, there will be many companies to contact you in the short term. And all suppliers will speak highly of their own products. As a result, you will feel confused, and even you attend the show and you will be dizzying by diverse equipment.
crushing machinery

In fact, waste plastic industry machinery and equipment are related to more. From the process in terms of machinery and equipment in recent years, research priorities focused on waste plastic crushing, sorting, cleansing and pelletizing equipment. These processes are the most important process, which have greater impact on the final product performance equipment.

The choice of crushing equipment.
Crushing will reduce the volume of waste plastics and offer convenient for subsequent processing. Crushing equipment, including shredders and crushers. And the basic principle is to rely on shear and impact forces to destroy its integrity.
Apolo C200

Different shredder/crusher equipment has its own advantage. Relatively speaking, the shredder is more advanced than some of the crusher. Crusher machine is suitable for small and soft crushing waste plastics, such as PE films, beverage bottles, shredder suitable for large lump material.

Commonly used crushing equipment:
Compression smash
Impact Crusher
Shear Crusher
Beater smash
Grinding Crusher
Crushing equipment selection depends on the type of material to be crushed, and different waste plastic materials should choose different crushing equipment.
Apolo C300

It has high ductility and toughness of plastic at room temperature, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamides, ABS plastic, etc., only the appropriateness of using shear pulverization equipment because they are subject to external compression, bending, impact and generally the force will not crack, and difficult to be broken, which should be used for crushing brittle plastic used equipment. It is better to use cryogenic grinding for an elastic material, and soft material.
Mars C200

Furthermore, required crushing equipment should be determined according to the degree of waste crushing. If the mass is broken into small pieces that should be used for compression, impact or shear grinding equipment. It will mainly use abrasive pulverization equipment if small one are crushed into fine powder.

Due to the impact of waste plastics and light, heat effect of external conditions, we have different degrees of aging. Obviously, various additives have different degrees of damage.
Zeus C100

In addition, considering the crushed waste plastic composition and size after crushing is needed, Generally speaking, the choice of crusher time also need to pay attention to the installation size, measure noise and vibration levels machine power consumption and processing power.