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How to Recycle Packaging Material

Polystyrene foam (EPS) has excellent and lasting thermal insulation, unique buffer seismic resistance, anti-aging and waterproof, so it is widely used in the field of electrical packaging, which greatly facilitates our life. But more than 50% of fish and agricultural products, such as fresh packaging, these products are abandoned after a one-time use, because EPS has a resistance to bacteria, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, 300 years in a state of oxygen can be completely degraded, a large number of discarded plastic foam in the natural environment, has become the impact of the earth's living environment, white pollution".

Since 1980s, the United States 8 states, Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan and other countries and regions have legislation to prohibit or restrict the use of polystyrene foam tableware. In 1999 China the former State Economic and Trade Commission has issued 6 orders banning the production and use of. However, all kinds of prohibition and restriction measures have not been effective in improving the white foam pollution. Through continuous exploration and practice, we have solved the problem of the recycling of waste foam plastics by technological progress and innovation.

EPS Recycling Machine

At present the world each year about the production of polystyrene foam 12000000 tons, of which China is about 1800000 tons. In addition to a small number of developed countries, most countries and regions of the waste PS foam material has not been effectively recycled. According to incomplete statistics, at present, the Nordic countries and Japan EPS foam compactor  rate is 72%, South Korea is 64%, while the rest of the country and the region is only 10-30%. In China, due to the recovery mechanism is still not perfect, resulting in 70% was buried or burned, only 30% were recycled.
Waste Styrofoam

White EPS products

Due to the huge volume and high transportation cost, EPS waste foam plastics has been used to make plastic recycling enterprises to recycle EPS waste foam. One of the largest styrofoam recycling enterprises Shanghai Intco company independent research and development production series of foam GreenMax compressor and cold and hot press unit, can solve the PS scrap foam size difficult to transport problems, EPS scrap foam plastics by cold or hot pressing, the volume is reduced for the original 1 / 40, greatly reducing the transportation cost recycling process, make recycling possible.