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Many Large Companies Invest In The Field Of Waste Recycling In USA

Ron Gonen and Rob Kaplan built CLOSED LOOP FUND, hoping to overcome the obstacles to the recycling of the United States.

Recycling industry has a secret that can not be said: consumers strive to classify the plastic, most of which have not been recycled, but was buried or burned, including yogurt bottles, translucent takeaway boxes, caps.

This is not because the low market demand for recycling, some large companies such as the United States Johnson companies, cleaning companies are hoping to use recycled plastics to shape their good environmental image. On the contrary, the problem lies in the lack of basic facilities in the recycling industry, recycling equipment is not advanced enough to meet the collection, classification, cleaning, crushing process in the recycling process.
Ron Gonen and Rob Kaplan

Consumption of plastic market instability is a major obstacle to the development of plastics recycling industry, the greater development obstacles includes the market demand for mixed glass is low, in addition to waste paper, solid waste recycling rate is not high.

80 thousand square feet of recycled plastic factory was built in Baltimore.

They invested 100 million dollars to build the factory which recycles waste plastic. Factory has been completed last year, CLOSED LOOP FUND provided low interest loans for the establishment of recycling equipment company. Surprisingly, the fund comes from 9 companies, including Procter & Gamble, Pepsi Co, 3M, Coca Cola Co, the average investment is $5-10million, the company said they are interested in funding.
waste recycling plant

Ron Gonen, after leaving the city hall, and Ron Gonen created the fund. Ron Gonen only charge 2% of the management fee, he said everyone can benefit from this project. The big companies are hoping to get some money back after the return of capital, and the city can get financial support without affecting education and other public services, reducing the risk of running the company.

The first project is to build 80 thousand feet factory in the suburbs of Baltimore. Canusa Hershman and QRS two companies built a joint venture, the purpose is to recycle the waste plastics that original landfill or incinerated. Mr Gonen pointed out, like waste styrofoam, broken bottles and other pungent waste plastic Styrofoam packaging materials can now be recycled, these things are of no value to landfill or export waste recycling plant before, now, put them back in the recycling machine, is to create value.

In the factory, recycling conveyor belt delivery with syrup, juice, all kinds of bottles for optical sorting, cleaning after cutting into the same size, the plastic film will be sold to large companies or plastic manufacturers, thereby producing new products. Mr Gonen. said, this is the epitome of efficiency.

The local government encourages people to recycle solid waste as much as possible, so that it can be directly mixed with the different kinds of waste products such as EPS foam, EPE and other waste foam, which can be sold to the waste recycling station. Recycling company said, they accept all kinds of waste.

Mr Gonen points out that the recycling plant in Baltimore can be a large number of recycling waste plastics and sales to large companies. For mixed waste glass, hoping to open up some new areas of application, for example, it is filled into the fly ash, used in roads and buildings. He is trying to increase the rate of recovery by providing loans to local governments to increase funding for the project.

The fund has received more than 100 applications. Mr. Gonen and Mr Kaplan said they would mainly invest in recycling, Some activists say it is a social activity that is committed to environmental protection, and many big companies are backing the fund and hoping it will get more recycling materials.

Pepsi Co as the largest buyer food grade recycled plastic in the United States, they buy half of the plastic, the responsible person said, the existing food grade waste plastics are still unable to meet the needs of Pepsi Co Inc.

Clean company, a responsible person said, the company needs more supply than the last year of the amount of waste plastics.

At present, the factory located in Baltimore can not be adequate supply of Pepsi, cleaning companies for recycling waste plastics demand.