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Melt Granulation Process and Progress of the Recovery of Waste PS Foam

Melt granulation is the primary method for recovering PS foam, and most of the waste PS foam recovered by this method. Melt granulation recycle polystyrene material at the right circumstances can keep the material better mechanical properties, and the American DOW Chemical Company research shows that the use of polystyrene in a number of thermal processing, the average relative molecular mass reduced, a small amount of local molecular chain was broken. There remains 80% strength and elongation at break of 90% after more than five times of recycling.

waste styrofoam

The main process of melt granulation process:
Polystyrene foam waste sorting, crushing, washing, drying, degassing, extrusion, and granulation. Recycling production of pellets can be reprocessed and shaped into a variety of products.

ps recycling process

Waste Styrofoam recycling once made plastic recycling business prohibit with the large volume and high transportation costs of PS foam. Shanghai INTCO is one of the largest PS recycling companies, which have developed the Greenmax production of foam recycling. As a result, Greenmax series of machines are a better solution to the waste PS foam bulky and solve the transport problems.

styrofoam compactor

The volume of waste PS foam is reduced to 1/50 or 1/90 of the original, greatly reducing transport costs in the recovery process. Promotion and use compression device greatly reduces the transportation cost of waste polystyrene foam, making large-scale recovery possible.

compacted styrofoam

Sorting is necessary and important part of waste plastics recycling, which determines whether the recycled plastics perform. Sorting process need remove gross impurities, reduce the influence of different mixing and granulation of recycled plastic material properties, and different grades of waste plastics are recycled. In order to maintain the greatest degree of physical and chemical properties of recovered plastics. The sorting process is mainly to separate different types of waste foam.

styrofoam pellets

In this process, the type of material to respond to discriminate, distinguish waste PS foam and EVA-PS, PE and other scrap foam, combined with substandard flame retardant foam waste, impurities and contaminants less scrap foam, and different foam separately. For example, relatively clean and oil appliance packaging materials should be separated from more disposable lunch boxes recycled materials.