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Modified Styrofoam Board Performance Boost

Now Styrofoam material have been used and people nearly can’t live without Styrofoam materials. So Styrofoam recycling have also swept through different countries all over the world. Meanwhile, Styrofoam have improved much in function and development.
handled styrofoam

Based on the traditional Styrofoam board, new products can be developed through technical research and development-modified Styrofoam board. The biggest feature is thermoplastic Styrofoam board upgrade thermoset. From the process perspective, thermosetting modified polystyrene Class A HIP board is divided into two kinds of film type and permeability.

modified styrofoam

Traditional EPS Styrofoam board or graphite infiltrated polystyrene board after curing aggregated into one of the new products. Polystyrene particles are formed around the fire performance of special inorganic material packaging body material uniform, isolated from the air, which have completely changed the polystyrene panels in a fire shrinking droplet defects. As a result, the physical properties of polystyrene board are enhanced. The advantages are:
1. The fire surface carbonation, have no vertical and horizontal fire spread form the fire that is self-extinguishing, no smoldering embers without dripping.
2. Effectively block the inward flame and heat conduction with overall structure. It is intact, no shrinkage and collapse.
3. The composite inorganic material plus excellent fire resistance, low smoke and the amount of non-toxic, safe and secure guaranteed.

fire proof styrofoam

Modified polystyrene foam board rely on the use of particle fire separation membrane technology and the use of copolymerization make EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics and fire substance and use micro-phase composite technology fireproof insulating film formed on the surface of each of the organic particles, so that each particle of organic particles could form a relatively independent fire unit.

different foam material

Class A HIP thermosetting coating type modified polystyrene board while maintaining excellent physical properties of polystyrene board on the original, so that Styrofoam board improvement form thermoplastic to thermosetting, effectively improve the fire performance of polystyrene board can be reached A2 level, through being modified. As a result, the thermal conductivity of polystyrene board, compression index performance strength, water absorption, dimensional stability have been greatly enhanced.