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PET Bottle Recycling Rate Was Only 31% in American

Mention of the United States, we must be all envy. However, USA packaging recycling is not satisfacted. We believe that the "one hundred percent can be recycled" packaging is actually far below one hundred percent.
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At the same time, we rely more and more on a new measure of recycling capacity: the rate of recycling, that is, given a kind of packaging, and then count the percentage of consumers using styrofoam recycling projects.

At the same time, the recovery rate increased but the actual recycling rate is significantly lower regeneration.

For example ,PET bottles, appointed by the American Chemical Society, a study showed that 94% of U.S.A. consumers use recycling project to recycled PET bottles, then we find the rate of Styrofoam recycling is 94%.

However, the EPA estimates that only 31% of the PET bottles were recycled. So, Americans can be recycled PET bottles, but they chose not to do so.

Why would consumers prefer to throw recyclable waste into the garbage bin rather than spend seemingly small time and energy in the recycling bin? Why were recycling projects so difficult to start? Consumers do not pay attention to recycling it?
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1 Is recycling convenient?

this view seemingly small is almost same as the point you think you think you think , consumers are concerned about the recycling is convenient.

2 recycling costs are very important.

If the collection represents the extra cost to pay, there may be some people will do, but most certainly not do.

3 recycling projects can also be concerned about the family as the unit of recovery.

After all, from the family clean and fast recycling, what is there against it.

Let us learn to treasure, let renewable resources bloom in next season